Just a quick update. I`m in the Kobe airport. I got bumpted to first class for the first time on my trip. In the Okinawa airport I saw robots. The plane I flew on had a camera mounted on the belly of the plane and one on the nose. When you were landing, you could see the actual landing all the way through to the gate. It was great. I dont know why you dont see that on more airlines. Watching the clouds and sky below you, on a screen projected in front of you is a bit disorienting, however. You feel like you are going to crash when you see ground racing before you.

The Kobe airport is built on a island out in the harbor. It isnt a big airport, but its pretty cool. I my flight leaves for Kagoshima in about an hour. I hope I am in first class again. I slept through the food last flight.

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