Project Pringles – Update #2

Posted: July 13, 2010    Categories: Travel

Paprika flavored Pringles from Holland

Paprika flavored Pringles from Holland

In the last week, I’ve had 34 people send me photos of Pringles cans from around the world. Instead of just dumping everything I get, I’ll just be posting just a few each week.

If I didn’t post your submission it is for one of the following reasons: 1) It was already listed, 2) someone else sent in a better photo, 3) I’ll will post it in a future update.

If you wish to send in a photo, please check the Project Pringles page to make sure if the flavor you’ve found has been listed already.

One housekeeping note: I’ve noticed that there are some flavors which might be the same but have different names. In particular anything dealing with cheese. I’ve seen cheese, cheesy cheese, cheddar cheese, queso, etc. For the purposes of this project, anything with a unique name will be considered a unique flavor.

Also, there are rice and whole grain Pringles. Those are considered unique flavors as well. So cheese, multigrain cheese and rice infused cheese would each be separate.

  1. Paprika (Netherlands) Note the special World Cup packaging. Many of the photo send in from people in Europe had cans where Pringles was spelled PRINGOOOALS! Submitted by Sophia who is an au pair in Holland
  2. Blueberry & Hazelnut (Thailand) Submitted by Roger Wade
  3. Multigrain: Original (Canada) Submitted by Jason Nugent
  4. Limon/Lime (Guatemala) Submitted by Matt Hope
  5. Milky Shoyu Butter (China) Submitted by Lars Rucker
  6. Seaweed (China) Submitted by Lars Rucker
  7. Crab (China) Submitted by Lars Rucker
  8. Spicy Guacamole (Japan) Submitted by Andrew Yuille
  9. Rice Infustion: Classic (Italy) Submitted by Giulia

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