Off to Hoi An

Posted: November 19, 2008    Categories: Vietnam

I’m off to Hoi An tonight on a 12-hour overnight bus ride. I am not looking forward to it. The buses are sleeper busses, which means you have a sort of bed instead of a seat. That sounds great for an overnight trip, but it really isn’t. The beds are uncomfortable and you are more inclined than lying flat.

It has been raining almost the entire time I’ve been here. The last few days I have been totally lazy. I’ve been on an anti-vacation. When you travel for a living, an anti-vacation is when you stay in your room, do nothing, and watch TV. Oh yes, and the World of Warcraft expansion came out and I took advantage of it. (I’m level 74 now thank you very much).

However, it is time to get moving. The really interesting parts of Vietnam are up in the Hoi An/Hue region in the center of the country where I’m going next. I assume I’ll be spending the next several days in tourist mode and taking photos before I head up to Hanoi and Ha Long Bay.

I got some new items for the contest which I’ll be showing off in a new video I’ll shoot when I get to Hoi An. Hopefully, it wont be as wet there.

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