Hawaii Ho! (Not the Don Imus sort of ho)

Posted: April 14, 2007    Categories: Site News

If you’re reading this on Saturday April, 14, I’m on my way to the Big Island of Hawaii.

I have a lot of photos from my day at the Getty Museum in LA up on Flickr. I’ll have a write up, hopefully, sometime tomorrow.

I should be putting up my first videos next week from Hawaii. We’ll see how it goes. It will be my first real attempt at video editing. I’m treating Hawaii as a test bed for my video, so don’t expect anything great right out of the chute. I’m assuming the first few will suck.

I got to see LA from up on Mullholland Dr. tonight with Bietz and I tried taking a photo of the skyline with my tripod. It was my first attempt at long exposure, night photography. I think i still need some work.

LA Skyline

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