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West Africa Photo Essay


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West Africa photo essay

As you know, earlier this year I sailed from Cape Town to Morocco with G Adventures on the M/S Expedition. I’ve just published my photo essay from the trip and it is one of my best ever.

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  1. I bet the building filled with sand is periodically visited by snakes and scorpions :)

  2. Zorica says:

    These photos inspire serious wanderlust :) Nice to see such great photos of the region which is not that well known in the world.

  3. Olga L. says:

    Amazing photos! They are well combined and each brings its own sense!

  4. Captivating images. You’ve managed to capture the soul and spirit of West Africa in a manner that neither pities nor patronizes its people. I am about to set out on a perpetual travel journey myself. I hope to be even remotely as enriched as you.

  5. Wow. I’m a pretty crap photographer-if there’s a perfect moment I’m guaranteed to miss it, but these photos definitely inspire me to try harder and work on learning more about photography. You’ve got some incredible shots here.

  6. Sean Kurr says:

    Fantastic pictures! I love the one with the fire! Beautiful!

  7. Nice time you should add more

  8. Simon Yugler says:

    Love this pictures! West Africa is near the top of my list… Would love to see some more images representing the deep musical culture of the region… Cheers!

  9. Felipe Pitta says:

    Beautiful photographs Gary!
    Really like the way you captured all these moments!

  10. Tanvir says:

    Every Photo talk something for life…. snapping is good.. :)

  11. @27_Notch says:

    West Africa Photo Essay via @EverywhereTrip

  12. ani says:

    Gorgeous captures Gary -you’ve outdone yourself!! :-)

  13. Helen says:

    Absolutely love these pictures Gary. I’ve just had to cancel my own trip to Sierra Leone and Guinea, but these pictures make me determined to go back. This time I’m heading back to East Africa.

  14. Cristy says:

    I love all the photos! What really amazed me most is the picture of the fire dancer. Looks like the camera loves him eh? Anyway thanks for sharing this!

  15. Wow, Gary this is amazing. I love the way you put this post together. It makes it so easy to read and very enjoyable. It felt like I was there with you. Your photos are stunning and they captured so much. Thank you for sharing. :)

  16. Niranjan says:

    Magnificent captures!

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