Monday Travel Update – Pura Vida Edition

Posted: January 21, 2013    Categories: Site News

Hello from the Liberia, Costa Rica!

I’ve been in Costa Rica for almost two weeks now. I haven’t been zip lining, scuba diving or rafting. So far I’ve just been relaxing and working. In fact, I haven’t even taken my SLR out once since I’ve been here. That should change tomorrow as I’m heading up to Liberia to visit Rincon National Park for my 191st World Heritage Site. After that I’ll be going south to visit the Amistad nature reserve which borders Panama. Those are my primary goals while I’m here. If I have time left I’ll head back to the coast for a few days before my flight on the 31st.

This sort of no-schedule, no plans sort of travel is something I haven’t done in a few years. Lately everything has been very planned and scheduled so I haven’t had the opportunity to just wing it. I’m glad I did this. It is a good change a pace and a throwback to how I started traveling.

The buses here are a lot like what I’ve experienced in the Philippines. Once you get to the right bus it is no problem. The confusing thing is that buses for different cities depart from different parts of town. There isn’t necessarily a central bus depot for every city, even for smaller cities. There is little to no signage to tell you where to go either. You have to ask someone local who just knows where the right buses are.

I’ll be here another 10 days before heading to the complete opposite of Costa Rica…..Northern Canada! (I don’t think shorts and sandals are going to cut it up there)


Win a Trip to New Zealand with G Adventures

Kia Ora!

If you haven’t been to New Zealand, you should (watching the Lord of the Rings doesn’t count). It probably packs more incredibly natural wonders in a smaller area than anywhere else on Earth. Mountains, hot springs, glaciers and fabulous diving all in one small country.

G Adventures is giving away a free trip for 2 to New Zealand with air travel covered by Air New Zealand.

If you have ever dreaming of visiting New Zealand, I highly recommend you enter.

What I’m Reading

Korea: The Impossible CountryFor reasons I don’t fully understand, I’ve been reading about South Korea while I’m in Costa Rica. I visited South Korea in 2007 and I always felt disappointed that I cut my visit there short because of cold weather. I haven’t been back since then but it is a place I’d return in a heartbeat. Daniel Tudor gives a great overview of the country as an outsider who has lived in South Korea for years. He explains how the country has changed since the end of WWII and how its struggles and transformation has shaped its people.


A big list this week. I haven’t done it in a while.

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