Monday Travel Update – Lost Baggage Edition

Posted: December 3, 2012    Categories: Site News

Paris: Great City, Horrible Airport

Paris: Great City, Horrible Airport

Last week was a busy one. I ended up flying across the Atlantic three times in a 9 day period from Spain to Halifax back to Spain (via Chicago both times) and then to the US. The last leg of the trip was by far the worst. In almost 6 years of traveling around the world I have had only once incident where my bag didn’t arrive at the airport the same time I did, and the previous time was a result of the volcano in Iceland. Ironically that also happened on a flight from Spain to the US.

This time my flight from Valencia to Paris was delayed. If you haven’t been to Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris, it might be my least favorite airport in the world. I was scheduled for a 90 minute layover, which had me worried. Transfers at CDG are horrible because the airport is so spread out. It has literally taken me an hour to walk from one gate to another before. Each terminal at CDG has its own security area, so if you have to switch terminals you have to re-enter security each time. Also, they make you go through passport control when leaving, which is just another long line you have to stand in.

Needless to say, with my flight from Valencia arriving late I missed my connecting flight to Minneapolis. I ended up getting rescheduled on a flight to Detroit 2.5 hours later, but my bag went to Minneapolis. When I arrived in Wisconsin I waited for the flight from Minneapolis I was supposed to be on, but my bag didn’t show up.

I had to wait another 24 hours, but eventually my bag did arrive and the contents appeared to be intact.

Now that I’m back in the US for a bit, I have some things I’m going to take care of while I’m here. First on the list was to upgrade my phone to the iPhone 5. I was going to get one back in October when I was in Aspen, but (not surprisingly) they were sold out. While availability has improved Hortonville, Wisconsin isn’t really a mecca for technology. The Verizon store did have an iPhone 5 in stock, but it was only a 16gb model (I want the 64gb). They had to order it special and I should (finally) be getting it tomorrow.

Likewise, I hope to be upgrading my laptop this month. My current laptop I was purchased in Saigon back in 2008. It is getting rather slow for photo editing and I think 4 years is long enough between upgrades. I’m looking at the 15″ MacBook Pro with the retina display. It should be a screamer.


One of the great parts of being sponsored by a company like G Adventures is that I get to go on several of their tours every year. The downside is trying to figure out which tour to go on. They literally have tours in over 100 countries and on all 7 continents. Here are some of the tours I’m looking at taking in 2013:

  • Trans Mongolian Express – I’ve never been to Russia, Mongolia or China. What better way to visit all three countries than by the ultimate train journey?
  • Iran: Discover Persia – As an American, if I visit Iran I have to do so on an organized tour. This would be a great opportunity to explore a seldom visited country.
  • Spirit of Bhutan – Everything I’ve seen and hear about Bhutan makes me want to go there. Like Iran, the only way you can visit Bhutan is on an organized tour.
  • National Parks of Costa Rica – Another place I’m embarrassed to say I’ve never been. I plan on visiting Central America in January so that would be a great time to hop on a tour.

What I’m Reading

I’m always running out of things to read, so I decided to throw the gauntlet down and buy the entire A Game of Thrones 4-Book Bundle: A Song of Ice and Fire Series: A Game of Thrones, A Clash of Kings, A Storm of Swords, and A Feast for Crows (Song of Ice & Fire). Like many people I was introduced to the series by the HBO series and wanted to find out where the story went and not wait for the next season. So far I’ve finished the first book and am at the beginning of the second.


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