Monday Travel Update – Getting Wet in Bath Edition

Posted: November 12, 2012    Categories: England, Travel, United Kingdom

What a busy week. I spent most of last week in London attending the World Travel Market. Most of my days were filled walking around the enormous show floor, having meetings with travel industry people and then attending social events with other bloggers in the evening. Toss in train time to and from the ExCel Center and I didn’t get a whole lot done in terms of the blog.

Most of the week my legs were tired from all the walking I was doing. I ended up doing something I seldom do, which is wear shoes and socks. It seems to solve the problem with my dry, cracked skin on my feet, at least temporarily. Turns out that foot care is actually a big deal when a big part of your life involves walking. Go figure…

As usual, I didn’t get a lot of time to explore London. It seems whenever I’m in London I am there for business and don’t get around to doing much exploring. I have never seen a show in London, for example, let alone an English Premier League game.

On Saturday I left London for Bristol. I only was there 1 night because my real destination was Bath and I wanted to be somewhat close when I moved in the morning.

I arrived in Bath yesterday to find one of the most charming cities I’ve seen in all of Europe. It isn’t that big, so it is easy to get around. It has plenty of history going back to the Romans who built the first thermal baths here. Yesterday was November 11 which is Remembrance Day in the UK. There was a parade of veterans through town which ended up at Bath Abbey.

November 11 is Veterans Day in the US and it doesn’t have quite the same impact as it does in Commonwealth countries. WWI didn’t have the impact in the US that it did in Europe. This is something I’ve noticed traveling around the world. The sheer number and size of WWI monuments in Commonwealth countries. In many towns the WWII memorial is just an extension of what was built for WWI.

I’ll be in Bath one more night. I’m hoping to visit Stonehenge later today in the weather holds up. It has been cold and raining all morning so I don’t know if it will happen.

Tomorrow I’m off to Valencia, Spain where I’ll be speaking at an event hosted by the University of Valencia. Weather appears to be a bit nicer down there than it is in the UK. Valencia is one of my favorite cities and I’ve returned every year for the last several. In addition to the conference I will certainly be eating some paella.


While in London I stayed at the Clink 78 hostel, which is also where I stayed last year. It is a converted courthouse/jail and it still has all the wooden courtroom boxes in place in what is now the internet room. It is also just a short walk from the King’s Cross station, which gives you access to almost everywhere in London. Clink 78 provided me with my London stay.

In Bath I’m staying at the YHA Bath. It is in an old Italian style villa high above the town on Bathwick Hill. If you arrive here by train, consider taking a taxi if you are going to the hostel as it is quite the slog up the hill, especially if you have luggage.

I will be announcing my 2013 photography trip with G Adventures. I think this one will sell out even faster than the previous one. I’m very excited about this trip. Make sure to stay tuned!


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