Monday Travel Update – Going to TBEX Colorado Edition

Posted: June 11, 2012    Categories: Site News

After a little more than two weeks in Wisconsin catching up on my photo editing, I’m off on the road again. I’ve whittled my backlog of photos from over 10,000 to less than 1,000.

Today I’m off to Denver for the annual TBEX travel blogger conference. It is sort of the highlight of the year on the travel blogging calendar. I’ll be in Denver till Friday meeting with the folks at G Adventures before heading to Keystone on Friday where the actual conference is taking place.

On Friday I will be doing a live episode of This Week In Travel. Myself and my co-hosts Chris Christensen and Jen Leo will be recording from 5-8pm EDT (2-5pm PDT) and we will be providing a live stream of the show. I will be posting a link here on the blog/Facebook/Twitter just before the stream begins if you would like to listen in. We will be interviewing a host of people from the world of travel who will be attending. We did something similar last year in Vancouver and we had a great time.

On Saturday I will be speaking on a pannel with Deb and Dave from about how bloggers can work with brands.

TBEX is always the highlight of the year for me as far as conferences go. It is the largest gathering of travel bloggers in the planet and always the busiest weekend of the year for me. My assistant Amy and my manager Alex will both be there as will all my sponsors.

Speaking of which….

Sponsor Updates

If you haven’t noticed the banner ads on the site yet, everyone can now get 20% off all their Scottevest purchases by using the special Everything Everywhere coupon code:


This is good for ALL purchases you make at Scottevest! If you have been thinking about buying some travel gear from Scottevest (and you should be) now is a great time to do it.

Twice a year the M/S Expedition has to reposition from one side of the Earth to the other to avoid the Arctic/Antarctica winters. Usually the trip is done quickly and efficiently to start the new polar season.

In 2013, G Adventures is doing something quite daring. Instead of just sailing straight from Argentina to Norway, they will be going up the west coast of Africa from Cape Town, South Africa to Dakar, Senegal! Along the way they will be visiting several countries that do not get many tourists: Namibia, Angola, Republic of Congo, Ghana, Guinea Bissau, Sao Tome and Principe, Benin, Togo, Sierra Leone and the Gambia.

There are three options for the trip:

  1. The entire 27 day cruise from Cape Town to Dakar.
  2. 18 day cruise from Cape Town to Accra, Ghana
  3. 12 day Cruise from Accra to Dakar

This really is a trip of a lifetime. I am currently planning to be aboard the ship for the entire 27 day tour and would love it if you could join me!


What I’m Watching

As I have been editing photos on my monster 27″ iMac, I set up my laptop off to the side and have been watching the entire four season run of Battlestar Galactica on Netflix. I finished it on Saturday.

It is difficult for me to stay up to date with my favorite programs when I travel. Even though sites like Hulu and Netflix offer many shows, you can’t access them outside of the US. My TV viewing is sort of binge and purge. Since I’ve been back in the US I have been in binge mode.

The series itself was very good with the exception of how the tied things up at the end. As is the problem with many TV series, I don’t think they gave the ending much thought when they started and everything ended up being rushed to tied up loose ends.

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