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The line for the elevator at the Eiffel Tower

The line for the elevator at the Eiffel Tower

The line for the elevator at the Eiffel Tower

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  1. Why did it take such a weird shape?

  2. Ren says:

    This looks like this could have a mathematical equation behind it, hahaha…. #nerd

  3. Great shot…I took the elevator, but the line was no where near that long. We were going to walk down the stairs, but the 20 degree temps had us change our mind…

  4. Teresa says:

    @Kat, I think it looks like a check mark.. like ‘check this off your bucket list’ haha.. how many flights is it up? Even tho I am way out of shape, I think I would like to take the stairs too as long as I could take my time. But what I want to know is.. is there a line to come down too? haha

  5. Nice photo, as always. Did you wait in line yourself or walk up the stairs? (My wife and I prefer the latter approach: It’s like working out on a Stairmaster with scenery as a bonus.)

  6. Awesome photo! Is it just me or the line looks like a reversed number 7 with random dots surrounding it?

  7. Tash says:

    Great perspective from a popular iconic attraction!

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