Monday Travel Update – Future of Tourism, London Edition

Posted: March 19, 2012    Categories: England, United Kingdom

March 21st meetupAfter a sleepless flight from Dallas to Newark to Heathrow, I’ve arrived in London. Unlike my last flight here in November, which was also sleepless, this didn’t seem so bad. The actual transatlantic part of the flight was around 6.5 hours which is tolerable. Actually, I’m not sure it is tolerable so much as I’m just used to longer flights now. Once you’ve done DFW to SYD, or JFK to JNB, anything under 8 hours isn’t that big of a deal.

The reason I’m in London is because I’ll be speaking at an event tomorrow night: Future of Tourism which is sponsored by G Adventures. I did one last October when I was in Toronto and I’ll also be doing one next month in Melbourne.

The event takes place tomorrow, Tuesday March 20 at the Royal Institution. I’ll be speaking on the same stage where Marie Curie and HG Wells have spoken. Admission is free but make sure to reserve a seat ahead of time.

I’ll also be hosting a meetup on Wednesday, March 21 at the Marylebone from 6:30-8:30pm. If you are in London and love travel, come by for a pint. I might be convinced to stay later if there are still people hanging around :)

My journey to London was interesting. I had to go through security twice and for the first time I can never remember, I didn’t go through a metal detector. I had to go through the porno scanners both times. In the past when I’ve been forced to use those things, I also had to go through a metal detector.

Given the problems with scanners, this seems like a huge step backwards in security. All you really need to do is put something in your wallet and then hold it over your head when they ask you to. The scanners do NOT check for metal, it is just looking for bulges.

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