Canary Islands Update and Monday’s Links for Curious People

Posted: July 18, 2011    Categories: Spain, Travel

Update from the Canary Islands

View from my window on La Gomera

It was an extremely busy week for me again with little or no time to write or edit photos. I’ve been moving from one place to the other with only two nights in a row being in the same hotel. I’ve seen a lot of amazing things and visited my 150th UNESCO World Heritage site.

While I have technically remained within the boundaries of Spain, the difference between the mountains of the Pyrenees and the beaches of the Canaries couldn’t be more drastic. It isn’t just the difference between mountains and beaches, it is the difference between Europe and Africa.

I’ve visited 4 of the major islands in the chain so far: Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, Tenerife and La Gomera. Today I’m taking a ferry to the island of La Palma, which I’ve heard from many people here is the most beautiful of the Canary Islands. It also happens to be home to one of the largest collection of astronomical telescopes in the world, which I am excited to visit.

This 3 month European adventure I’ve been on is winding down. On the 24th I’ll be heading back to the US where I plan on staying for a few months while I catch up on the backlog of writing and photo editing I’ve accumulated in Europe.

My plan is to find a furnished apartment somewhere to work for a few weeks at a time and then move to another apartment somewhere else. If anyone has any leads on a place to stay in the US, let me know.

I will also be in New York from the 24-28th of July. If you are in town and would like to meet up, feel free to contact me.

Also, I am now on Google+. If you have a Google+ account and would like to connect over there, feel free to add me to one of your circles.

What I have been reading

The Imperial Cruise: A Secret History of Empire and War looks at the trip taken by Theodore Roosevelt’s daughter Alice, future President William Howard Taft and other American officials to East Asia in 1905. It uses the cruise as a device to talk about the broader subject of American foreign policy in Asia as the start of the 20th Century in the Philippines, Japan, Korea, Hawaii and China, how it eventually helped lead to WWII. Suffice it to say James Bradley isn’t a fan of Roosevelt and it really shows. Nonetheless, it is a great overview of a little known part of US and history and why the American’s pursued the policy they did.

Technically, I finished reading this book several months ago, but I think it deserves a mention. TRAVEL WRITING 2.0: Earning Money from your Travels in the New Media Landscape by Tim Leffel is mandatory reading if you are thinking of trying to become a travel writer or travel blogger. He tells it like it is and pulls no punches about how difficult it can be to make a living in this industry. This book is where I’m referring everyone who wants to start a travel blog. It is a great starting point for what the industry is all about.

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