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Announcing Project Pringles


PringlesLadies and gentlemen, I am embarking on what might be the greatest project in the history of the human species. The pyramids…..speed bumps. The Panama Canal……a ditch. The Chunnel…..tis but a straw.

What I am going to attempt will be remembered long after those other things are gone and forgotten.

What I am proposing is nothing less than the documentation of every flavor of Pringles in the world!

Why am I doing this? During my travels I have discovered that the world’s most universal snack food is Pringles. No matter where you go, you can find Pringles.

Despite how similar every can of Pringles is, every country seems to have their own flavors. There are literally dozens of them. I’ve seen so many of them, I’ve often wondered just how many there are.

Last night I went to a local store and documented the following flavors:

  1. Original
  2. Loaded Baked Potato
  3. Ranch
  4. pringles

  5. Screamin’ Dill Pickle
  6. Pizza
  7. Blastin’ Buffalo Wing
  8. Smokin Hot Ranch
  9. Restaurant Cravers: Mozzarella and Marinara
  10. Restaurant Cravers: Mexican Layered Dip
  11. Jalapeno
  12. Cheddar Cheese
  13. Sour Cream & Onion
  14. BBQ
  15. Bacon Ranch
  16. Honey Mustard
  17. Restaurant Cravers: Onion Blossom

This is just a start.

From here I need your help. If you are traveling, I need you to take a photo of any flavor of Pringles you find and send them to me. Cell phone photos are fine. Just take a photo of one can at a time. Different packaging or sizes don’t count. Mail your photo to me at

Every Friday I’ll post a few new discoveries and credit those who make the find.

I figure I’ll probably win one or two Nobel Prizes, a Grammy and an ESPY out of this project. I promise I’ll thank all little people who helped make it happen in my acceptance speech.

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  1. Theodora says:

    They have crab, squid and dried fish flavours in Vietnam, but I never got a photo. I have a small shot of some seaweed ones for sale at a floating sweetshop on Halong Bay which I’ll send over…

  2. Haven’t been around here for a while,but thought of you from time to time :D Will be traveling soon again myself, but before I leave Egypt I will have a close eye on the supermarket :)
    Wonderful idea!

  3. lakshmi says:

    great idea..will send you the cans from India as well, tho they are frightfully expensive out here

  4. Prestwood says:

    Damn! I was just in Spain, Belgium, Ireland and the UK. If only I had seen this before leaving I could have added several to the collection.

  5. Hi Gary, neat project. Actually I want to share with you that there in 2001, I was contact by someone in Europe that had every Pringle can collection from all over the world and he even had a website dedicated to this. I used to sell on eBay back in the day so he asked me for some Malaysian Pringle container to be shipped to him. I lost his details but was rather impressed with his collection from so many countries.


  6. What is a Pringles related death consist of? I knew putting two in your mouth and pretending to be a duck was dangerous! Great idea, though. I’ll be on the look out. I think my dad got a minor in pringles back in college.

  7. Sharlene says:

    This may be the greatest idea I have ever heard! If you don’t get a Nobel Prize for this, our wrold is hopeless. I will now be looking at the chips in every coutnry I visit in hopes of adding to your Pringles snapshot collection. Love it!

  8. islandinfo says:

    I am from Mauritius island. You are right Gary!! Here too is the same..once you pop you can’t stop..Everyone likes princles..

  9. Luke says:

    In Ireland, I recently noticed a promotion for Wasabi flavoured pringles!! No thanks!! D:

  10. Love the idea, let me know if anyone finds banana flavored ones. hehe

  11. Anthony says:

    Hey Gary,
    Fantastic idea. We have seen so many crazy flavours throughout Asia. I’m off to the local shop to try and photographs some unique flavours for you. Looks like it is pringles for dinner!!! Arhhhh

  12. Eileen says:

    Cool.. erm.. in Singapore, Pringles actually come in a couple of really weird flavours.. “Soft Shell Crab”.. and “Blueberry & Hazelnut”

  13. Amy says:

    We never ate pringles at home but we have become obsessed on the road with paprika pringles. I know I have photographed the deliciousness that are paprika pringles in our travels. I will see what I can find in our pictures.

  14. Matt says:

    Terrific idea! I’ll have a look in NZ.

    One thing that always shocks me is the price of Pringles outside of the US. In the States, you can grab a full sized can for $1 if they’re on sale. Anywhere else in the world, a can of Pringles will set you back closer to $5 – or the equivalent. Interesting …

  15. Ant Stone says:

    SIXTEEN flavours in ONE store! That’s amazing enough for me… great idea, I’ll be on the Pringle prowl from here on in.

  16. We lived in central Sumatra, Indonesia in the 80s and they had Pringles there. We had plain and cheese to choose from. It was definitely a taste from home!! :)

  17. Jason Nugent says:

    I’ll be sure to check out Vietnam when I am there in a few weeks, and then also in Finland, Stockholm, and Estonia in September!

    I’ll check at my local grocery stores when I am out and around this week, too.

  18. Hahaha this is just one of the best idea’s ever thought of! This is going to be tough since the world has almost infinity amounts of pringles flavors it seems but good luck!!!! I’ll keep checking back on how you are progressing!

  19. The Dame says:

    I’ll have look here down under :)

  20. Shannon says:

    I can’t believe how many flavours you find in a single shop! I’m in the UK, so will be sure to break out the camera on my next trip to buy groceries.

  21. Dylan says:

    I’ll go on a mission here in Penang this evening. I don’t recall seeing pringles when I was in China, though they’re most likely there. I do remember the bizarre Lays potato chip flavors in China – my favorite being blueberry flavor

  22. Mafalda M. says:


    I guess you are right, only here in Portugal we have 11 different kinds of Pringle, I just went to the online store to check.
    We have:
    – Cheese & Onion
    – Hot Spicy
    – Jamon
    -Cream and Onion’s
    – Original
    -Safari Curry
    -Savanah Barbecue
    -light cream and Onion’s
    -light original
    – and a Potato Pringles (???) which is a little bit smaller

    you can check them out on


  23. Didn’t have separate photos, but shot a pic of 6 funky flavors I found in Sarawak a few months back. Fruit & Nut series of Pringles? Yes

  24. Jamie Monk says:

    Will see if I can snap some pics here… yes, Thailand always has some strange “Thai flavour” version of everything!

  25. Erin says:

    I like the Original flavor. Nothing could beat the sensation of having a mouth full of press-board ;)

  26. The UK has Rice Pringles, I know because I worked with a UK agency to help do launch parties in my previous job.

  27. Crissy says:

    I have to laugh at this, it’s funny even though I was almost killed by a pringle… I’m traveling by bus from one european city to another (insert your favorite to add to the story) and am munching on my pringle when it scratches my throat. Thinking quickly I grab my water bottle and drink. ACK! It’s carbonated water and now I’m actively choking on the carbonation, add in the cut in my throat – it was bad. A lesser person might have given up on eating pringles, but I’m an adventuresome person and have continued to eat pringles. And I will look for and send pictures of pringles cans.

  28. Akila says:

    Fantastic idea, Gary. We actually started to try and do this in Thailand and then gave up because there were too many potato chips flavors. Thailand has the craziest flavors that we’ve seen!

  29. Brian says:

    Great idea. I’m in Canada and I’m sure we have flavors here that are unique to us. I’ll be sending a pic or more. And it gives me an excuse to buy some!

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