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Buy a 2010 Wall Calendar and Help Build a School in Cambodia



All of the profits from the calendar will go to help build a school in Cambodia

I have a confession to make. During the entire time I’ve been traveling, I haven’t been traveling alone. I’ve been traveling with one Skull T. Troll. Skull is a character of my cartoonist friend Scott Kurtz and the Skull plush toy was given to me at the start of my trip.

As I’ve been traveling, I’ve been taking photos of Skull in front of famous places and with children I meet around the world. Scott and I have been talking about making a calendar with the Skull photos I’ve been taking on my trip and we planned on doing it in for 2010.

When the bloggers in Seattle who head up Passports With Purpose announced what they were raising money for this year, what we would use the proceeds of the calendar for was sort of a no-brainer. They were raising money for American Assistance for Cambodia to help build a school for Cambodian children.

Cambodian orphan with SkullThis cause struck a cord with me because I was able to visit a school for orphans in Cambodia. It is pretty hard to not see children wherever you go in Cambodia. It is a very young country and a very poor country. The closest I ever came to tears was in Cambodia when two little girls, one with a cleft lip, gave me a simple ring made out of a palm frond.

The particular way they were spending the money also resonated with me. These aren’t theoretical kids that are going to benefit. This is an actual school which will be built in the village of Preah Vihear (which I also visited and has been the location of fighting during the last year between Cambodia and Thailand). Since the beginning of December, Passports With Purpose has raised over $13,000, which is enough to build the physical school. You can help bring clean water, a nurse and school supplies to help keep the school operating.

If you have ever been to Cambodia please share your stories in the comments to let everyone know how real the situation is there and how much good a project like this can do.

If you have a blog or have a Twitter account, please post this link and encourage people to help out. It costs you nothing….except for the $19.95 you will spend to get the calendar of course.


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  1. Bianca says:

    Hi Gary. I tried to publish this comment on a post from March but I couldn’t, it was closed for comments already. So I will do it here, even though it is not related to the post above, I hope it’s ok.

    Your blog and your work is amazing, congratulations :) I already knew it before but today I stumbled upon it thanks to your Ipod Touch post (even if it’s old it was very helpful, tks!) that I found trough Google. And then, something brought me up to your post “Staying fit on the road”… ouch, seeing my gut grow as a travel is a great fear of mine. I was in Colombia in September for a month, and I still didn’t lose all the weight I gained there! And since I will be traveling for one year very soon, this is a very real concern of mine.

    Liz says that we should treat exercise as a part of the daily routine, just like we would do at home. What if you are like me and BARELY exercise at home??

    Anyways, this is indeed a no-brainer. But a really hard one to get!

    Good luck with your strategies. If I ever find some of my own, I will let you know. Cheers!

  2. Angie says:

    I got mine in the mail yesterday and love it! The photos are fantastic.

  3. Amazing way to help the others; Skull had a very nice idea!

  4. Sarah says:

    Thank you for sharing this calender with us – it’s great to promote good projects/products (such as this calender that will help build a school in Cambodia). There is so much desperate need in many parts of the world, most of us in developed countries don’t really realize it. If we did, I’m sure we’d each do much, much more – because extreme poverty doesn’t have to exist in the world – we have enough resources to eliminate it.

  5. B says:

    What a fantastic way to help!

  6. Iwind says:

    Great idea and a cool travel buddy

  7. flipnomad says:

    i spent a couple of weeks in cambodia last april and the country touched me deeply. i volunteered in a school in siem reap for a day and the school was just built in the temple grounds… the children were fascinating and very eager to learn…

    this is indeed a good project…

  8. Great initiative and lots of potential to attract support and raise public awareness.

  9. pam says:

    Thanks so much, Gary, for helping support the PwP cause. This is great.

  10. Eric says:

    It’s a good cause. I’m over in a northern district of Cambodia right now working on a school project, and there’s certainly an enormous amount of need. Not only the infrastructure has been destroyed, but also the human capital. The previous generation was decimated by the Pol Pot regime, and the people who should have been the educated leaders of today were hunted for years. This is a great project, good luck with it!

  11. Michael says:

    I bought 5. Not only is it a good cause, we can know the specific place it is helping.

  12. CD says:

    cute travel buddy and what a great cause! will RT it!

  13. T-roy says:

    Spent a few weeks in Cambodia this year and know what you mean about the kids there. They are such a happy race of people but with so little after the genocide that pretty much the whole world turned a blind eye to.

    I wrote an article there about the only girl to break my heart while in Asia. Her sad face will stay with me forever. You can read the post below:

  14. Adriana says:

    cute travel buddy and what a great cause! will RT it!

  15. Dave says:

    I spent 2.5 weeks in Cambodia last year and I was deeply touched by the people there. Despite the difficulties of the genocide, there is a resilience – a strength that is quite special. They are generous too. My moto guide in Battambang invited me to dinner two nights in a row with his family of 8 children and wife. Despite the big family, and small means, they treated me like a guest of honor and I’ll never forget their generosity.

    Cambodians deserve a brighter future, and this project to build the school is a great way to help.

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