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Kids playing on a floating house on Tonle Sap, Cambodia

Kids playing in the front yard in a floating village

Kids playing in the front yard in a floating village, Tonle Sap, Cambodia

Tonle Sap is a large lake in the middle of Cambodia which is actually a part of the Mekong River. When the river rises each year Tonle Sap dramatically increases in size, with water levels rising over 10m. There are several floating villages in Tonle Sap that move with the seasonal changes in the lake. These kids are playing on the closest thing they have to a front yard.

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  1. Gary: This is beautiful. I love all your photos of Angkor. My husband and I visited years ago, and we were fortunate to get to go out to one of the floating villages, in a boat that I thought probably was going to SINK. But it was cloudy, and I go very few truly good pictures.

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