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UNESCO World Heritage Site #75: Botanical Garden (Orto Botanico), Padua

World Heritage Site #75: Botanical Garden (Orto Botanico), Padua

World Heritage Site #75: Botanical Garden (Orto Botanico), Padua

From the World Heritage inscription:

The world’s first botanical garden was created in Padua in 1545. It still preserves its original layout – a circular central plot, symbolizing the world, surrounded by a ring of water. Other elements were added later, some architectural (ornamental entrances and balustrades) and some practical (pumping installations and greenhouses). It continues to serve its original purpose as a centre for scientific research.

This is one of the oddest world heritage sites I’ve ever visited. As gardens go, it isn’t that impressive. There are probably thousands of people with backyard gardens more extensive. It isn’t even that big. I understand the history behind it, but the original soil and plants of the garden are long gone. It is the walls of what was once an historic garden. I had a difficult time figuring out what exactly I should take a photo of to represent the garden, because everything inside of it was just like a plain old garden.

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  1. Davide Checchi says:

    I do agree that the botanic garden of Padua la not so amazing. But the city is wonderful! Did you visit the Baptistery with frescos of Giusto de Menabuoi, the Scrovegni Chapel by Giotto, the University (with the first anatomy theather in the world), and the Samctuary of San Antonio?

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