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Daily Travel Photo – Western Australia


Hiker in Echnida Chasm, Western Australia

Hiker in Echnida Chasm, Western Australia

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  1. Michael Pugh says:

    Cool. Looks like the Siq gorge in Petra, Jordan.

  2. CHristopher says:

    PIcture is awesome.
    I do not get one thing here.One day you are in Australia then in next days somewhere in Dubai.Week later Australia again,and days later Vietnam….
    You are probably posting ,later ,due to Internet connections in some places.But as a viewer it ,would be allot better experience to just read Info about one place at the time.
    But this jumping from one continent to other and back again…Hmmm?
    Greetings,talk later :)

    • Gary Arndt says:

      I get this question a lot. I should just put it in the FAQ:

      The daily photo is just a photo from my collection of photos I've taken during my travels. It isn't a reflection of where I am.

      I will write about where I am every few days, and I Twitter about it all the time. Live photography is hard, especially if it is to be good. Today for example, I went to the Valley of the Kings, Valley of the Queens, and two temples. I took about 200 photos. I have to go through them all in Photoshop, pick which ones I want to upload, maybe tweek the color and lighting, and then upload them on what is usually a slow connection. I have a backlog of 1,000 photos from Egypt I still have to go through before I get to the ones I took today.

      I've taken over 40,000 photos on my trip. The daily photo is just a way for me to slowly share those photos with people. It should in no way be considered to have anything to do with what I'm doing now.

  3. matt says:

    saw the tweet, using your widget. amazing picture!

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