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UNESCO World Heritage Site #6 Baroque Churches of the Philippines

World Heritage Site #5 Baroque Churches of the Philippines

UNESCO World Heritage Site #6 Baroque Churches of the Philippines

From the World Heritage inscription:

This group of churches established a style of building and design that was adapted to the physical conditions in the Philippines and had an important influence on later church architecture in the region. The four churches are outstanding examples of the Philippine interpretation of the Baroque style, and represent the fusion of European church design and construction with local materials and decorative motifs to form a new church-building tradition.

The Church of San Agustin in Manila is the principal property in the Baroque Churches of the Philippines World Heritage Site. San Agustin is the oldest church in the Philippines. The current church dates back to 1607 but previous Spanish churches have existed on the spot going back to 1571. The church has survived several major earthquakes in Manila as well as both American and Japanese bombardment in WWII.

The photo is a seven exposure high dynamic range photo taken from the choir loft of the church.

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  1. Mae says:

    what a lovely picture! On my next visit to the Philippines I will get a hotel in Manila and see this church myself! :)

  2. Great shot, Gary. I want to start playing with HDR photo techniques.

  3. nipsy says:

    This one made me catch my breath. If I ever make it here, I will be dumbstruck with awe. Another great shot!

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