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Gary is currently in Grand Chute, WI (May 22nd, 2015)

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Daily Travel Photo – Palau

Learn more about my visit to Palau.

Daily Travel Photo – Nuku’alofa, Tonga

A grave in Tonga. Many new graves will have a large banner or quilt over the grave for a period of time after the person is buried. I saw a larger, more elaborate version of this over the tomb of the King of Tonga, who had died earlier in the year.

Margaret River Runs Deep

I’m sitting in a bar in Margaret River, Western Australia enjoying the only free wifi I’ve found in Australia outside of the Cairns International Terminal. That is not an exaggeration in the slightest. This is the only place in the entire country. I’ve come to Margaret River with a single objective, which I haven’t achieved […]

Daily Travel Photo – Kimberly Region, Western Australia

Clearly, we have very different definitions of “fire danger”.

Daily Travel Photo – Northern Territory, Australia

This is the Gregory Tree in Gregory National Park in the Northern Territory, Australia. The dates carved into the boab tree were carved by the AC Gregory expedition in 1856. The tree is located on the banks of the Victoria River where they made camp.

Seven Wonders of America

When the New Seven Wonders of the World came out, I added my two cents. I have even done the Seven Wonders of the Philippines. (and will be soon coming out with the wonders of Japan and Australia). I recently (as in a few minutes ago) found out the Good Morning America came out with […]

Episode 2 – The Tropic of Capricorn

As I was driving through the outback of Australia, I drove past this sign. I couldn’t let this opportunity pass, so I pulled over the van and did an impromptu podcast. If you ever wondered why the tropics are the tropics, now you’ll know. [display_podcast]

Daily Travel Photo – Bali, Indonesia

You will see offering plates similar to these all over the island of Bali in Indonesia. These offering plates are a central part of Balinese Hinduism and and placed in front of every house and business every day. These offering plates were sitting on the beach.

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