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Alive in PNG

I can’t believe they have internet here. It isn’t great, but I can do simple things.

So far, my PNG experience has been amazing. The Port Moresby airport is far, far from the worst airport in the world. (which I saw it was on one list).

I’m on Kimbe Bay on New Britian Island. The people here are great. The food is great. The diving is great. The other guests I’ve met are great. I did 3 dives today and got massively sunburned. Skin cancer is probably the biggest danger here. This is one of the better places I’ve stayed on my trip. So far, it has been 100% positive.

Kimbe Bay is totally ringed with small volcanoes, most of which are in some stage of activity. I guess plane flights for the few days before I arrived were canceled because of volcanic ash in the air.

The universal consensus is that Port Moresby sucks, but there is no reason to ever go there. There is nothing to see. Port Moresby is not PNG. That is like saying Iowa is dangerous because Detroit is.

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  1. Bick says:

    Go Gary! PNG rules and I am so glad that you have discovered the wonder! If you can make it up to the highlands, you will also make some amazing discoveries! Try outfitting a trip out of Goroka to some little village. I’d still recommend Haia, but I am seriously biased. Yu mas i go isi long PNG, tasol, em wanpela dripela hamimas long mi long harim nek bilong yu long internet blog. Yu wanpela longlong stret, brada bilong mi! Sapos yu laik harim sampela toktok long PNG na ol stori i ken go long yu nau. Lukaut long bikpela sinek tasol.

  2. Claudine says:

    Wow! I’d love to learn how to dive, or spend time in a place where the only danger is skin cancer. Stock up on the sun block, I suppose.

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