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Daily Travel Photo – Borobudur, Indonesia

Bas relief at Borobudur Temple, Indonesia

Bas relief at Borobudur Temple, Indonesia

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  1. Nice! 3 years ago Ryan and I walked in all the terrace on every level to check out the relief, even though I think we mostly didn’t get the meaning correct. The big obstacle from doing every singe terrace was sometimes the path was blocked by giant swarm of large size buzzing bees. Are there still a lot of bees there nowadays?

  2. clairedaix says:

    nice picture of Borobudur temple… but to travel there, we still have to gather some information first. just like to share with you all that i found useful as i have travel to indonesia and bought its gudebook.It is really helpful. hope that it will help you guys too.

  3. Margaret says:

    This image has potential as a new Ecard for you Gary. Great capture of the details on this piece!

  4. nomadicamatt says:

    Did you figure out the meaning of the reliefs? A travel goal of mine is to go there and figure out the reliefs.

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