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Daily Travel Photo – Sarawak, Malaysia

A stalagmite inside of Wind Cave, Mulu National Park. Taking photos inside caves without a tripod or a real flash was a challenge. I’d say 90% of the photos I took came out absolutely unusable because of blurring or focus problems.

Stalagmite in Mulu National Park, Sarawak, Malaysia

Stalagmite in Mulu National Park, Sarawak, Malaysia

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  1. borneo boy says:

    Seem you have go to Borneo Island such as sarawak yeah….

  2. Lifecruiser says:

    Lucky you. I hope one of mine will be as good as yours (I doubt it) when I go through our photos from our trip in Spain lately where we visited a cave with really big ones.

    So, I see that you haven’t been to Sweden yet! If you ever decide to come here, choose the summertime, much nicer :-D

    You gonna get plenty of chances then to go by boat since our capital Stockholm actually consists of 14 islands – and has an archipelago around us with approximately 24,000 islands and islets…

    Thanks for stopping by and welcome back at any time :-)

  3. Jack Kennard says:

    Well this photo came out perfect

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