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Daily Travel Photo – Korror, Palau

Most of the State of Korror in Palau is made up of these limestone islands. The next season of Survivor is being shot in Korror right now.

Daily Travel Photo – Tarawa Atoll, Kiribati

This photos of Tarawa was taken at about 6am from the window of my plane. As I wasn’t allowed in the country, this is about all I have to show for my visit.

1 Month

I have been in Japan over one month. I can’t really believe it. I’ve have so much stuff to write about, but I’ve been so busy it has been hard to find the time. I still have 6gb of photos to go through. You’ll be seeing Japan updates for a while I think. Tomorrow is […]

Tokyo Drift

I’ve been in Tokyo for two days now and haven’t done a thing. I’ve really just been processing my mound of photos. I’m still not totally done, but I’m far enough for my satisfaction. The problem of uploading that many photos at once is it is usually too many for people to look at all […]

Adventures in Pooping, Vol. 1: Land of the Rising Bun

This if the first installment in what I’m sure will several posts on the bathroom habits I discover around the world. I can think of no better place to start than the place which has achieved the pinnacle in toilet technology: Japan. For those of you rolling your eyes right now, deal with it. I’m […]

Finally in Osaka

My trilogy of Osaka posts is now complete. I’m writing this in Osaka and I’m exhausted. I spent all of today walking around Nara and Horyuji with a far too heavy camera bag. I had to carry stuff with me I normally wouldn’t have because my room situation was in flux. Rooms in Osaka have […]

Not in Osaka

Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge. The center span is over 1,900m (6,500ft) long I am not in Osaka. I’m in Kyoto. I spent last night in Kobe after visiting Himeji Castle. Today I went to the Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge, the longest bridge in the world outside of Kobe. I’ll be spending two full days in Kyoto before going to […]

Off to Osaka

I’m off to Osaka with a stop at Himeji Castle on the way. I haven’t been posting that much, but if you take a look at the loads of photos I’ve put on Flickr, you can get an idea of what I’ll be writing about shortly. I have a lot of things in the works, […]

Random Thoughts on Japan

Styx needs to make a sequel to Mr. Roboto where they go find a hotel, get lunch, and take a train. Japan has beer and cigarette vending machines. A pack of cigarettes is about $2.70, which I guess is cheap. I don’t smoke. The beer vending machine is brilliant. Mothers Against Fun would never let […]


My visit to Yakushima was an amazing experience. The forests there are ancient Japanese cedar forests and were used as the inspiration for the movie Princess Mononoke. One of the days I spent in the forest I was in the clouds the entire time. It was a very surreal experience. I took a lot of […]

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