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I got a link from PVP today, so hello to everyone who is new. I also should take this time to pander to all the new fellow geeks who are reading, so today I’ll be talking about my trip to the Guang Hua Electronics Market in Taipei. If you have assembled a computer or have […]

Transportation in the Philippines

Perhaps the most unique thing about the Philippines is the transportation system. With the exception of a short light rail line in Manila, there is zero public transportation in the Philippines. Well, they call it public transportation, but the ‘public’ refers to who the service is aimed at not ownership like in the US. The […]

Taipei 101, The Biggest Building In the World…….For Now

Taipei 101 I like big things. Big buildings. Big bridges. Big boats. One of my favorite places in the world is the St. Louis Arch. It is neat to be able to stand directly under something 600 feet talk. Taipei 101 is one of those big, neat places. In most major cities, you will see […]

Visiting Baguio and Banaue

There are some cities in the world which can only be described as great cities. Cities where you can walk around all day and never cease finding good street food, restaurants, parks and shops. The people are nice and the streets are clean. Baguio is such a city. I probably spent too long in Manila. […]

Taipei Minute

Man. I’m way behind on posting, but it for a good reason. In the last two days I’ve seen Taiwanese rocket launchers, riot police, almost been crushed in a crowd at a fireworks celebration, rode the fastest elevator in the world. was on top of the tallest building in the world. had great Chinese food, […]

Cartographic Madness

I’ve spent the last two days in Taipei doing nothing. I’ve been making use of the wireless connection catching up on podcasts, downloading episodes of TV shows I’ve missed (Heroes and Entourage). I like the hostel I’m staying at, it is cheap and the neighborhood is nice. I might stay a few days longer. I […]


When I came up with the idea of writing about McDonald’s around the world, the idea was to compare how various restaurants differ based on how their countries differ. During my trip through the Pacific, there wasn’t a lot to set the various restaurants apart. The Philippines is the fist place where I’ve noticed some […]

It’s like one big Chinatown

Taiwan is the first country on my trip which I’ve previously visited. I was here in January of 1999 for business (I circumnavigated the globe in three weeks on that trip). During my week in Taipei I didn’t get to see much and what I did see was only at night. It was also the […]

I Shall Return…….Or Not

I’m off to Taiwan in a few hours. Since I got in from Palawan yesterday I’ve been trying to figure out my ticket situation. I purchased the ticket. I’m in the computer system for Philippine Airlines as being on the flight. However, I need a paper ticket which I was never given. Why I need […]

To the Bat Cave!

I visited the Subterranean River National Park today. My tour group included two Japanese cuties and four very nice, retired Filipino women from the US. In addition to going 1km into the cave, we also got to see big monitor lizards and wild monkeys. I only have about 48 left in the Philippines. I’m going […]

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