Stuck in Taiwan

My stay in Taiwan has lasted longer than I had originally expected. This is mostly due to my sloth and the fact that I’m living here so cheap. I’m literally spending less than $20 per day on everything.  Despite this being the most difficult place to communicate on my trip so far, I’ve found it easy to get around in Taipei. I really like the city.

I’ve spent the last few days trying to find a place that sells Japan Rail passes because I can’t get them once I’m in Japan. I finally found one but it is going to take a few days to process the pass. So now I have to wait until Monday evening to pick up the pass and then I can leave on Tuesday afternoon to Okinawa.

My goal between now and then is to be completely caught up on all my posts from the Philippines and Taiwan before I begin the adventure which is Japan.

Before I get to Okinawa, if anyone knows how I can get in touch with a Mr. Hanzo and a Mr. Miyagi, it would be appreciated. Thanks.

11 thoughts on “Stuck in Taiwan”

  1. So you only stayed in Taipei? You didn’t visit anywhere else here? I’ve been in Taiwan for five years and have been to Taipei probably less than a dozen times. You have no idea what you missed. There’s seems to be little point in travelling if you’re only going to hop from big city to big city.

  2. Sean: I’m not sure whether to make a prison speak joke, or an Alien reference, so I think I’ll just let it go with a O_O.

  3. When the student is ready, the master will appear. You do not need to seek Mr. Miyagi, Gary-san. Mr. Miyagi is within you.

  4. Have “fish & chips” at the little roadside place between the airport and Reykjavik. You can’t miss it, I am pretty sure it is the only one. Then again that was way back in 1996.

  5. Yes. I was in Iceland back in 2000, but really didn’t get out of Reykjavik. Next time, I plan on getting out and visiting much more of the island.

    True story: When I was in Reykjavik I went to a store to buy a wool sweater. When I went to the counter to pay, the man asked me if I was an American, and I said “yes”.

    He then proceeded to yell at me for five minutes about Free Willy.

    He was pissed off that Iceland was prevented from hunting whales, while at the same time millions were being spent to transport this whale back to the sea.

    …that is my Iceland story.

  6. Mr. Miagi would be selling bonsai trees with Daniel-san right here in the US if I remember correctly. But I am sure that you could look up Yukie while you are in Okinawa. Mr. Miagi sure did. Oh, and remember, always look eye Gary-san.

  7. No they don’t. They are only available to foreigners and only if you have a tourist visa stamp in your passport.

    I’ve seen similar deals for flight packages in the pacific where you could only buy them outside of the region.


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