Cartographic Madness

I’ve spent the last two days in Taipei doing nothing. I’ve been making use of the wireless connection catching up on podcasts, downloading episodes of TV shows I’ve missed (Heroes and Entourage). I like the hostel I’m staying at, it is cheap and the neighborhood is nice. I might stay a few days longer. I still need to do some laundry and buy a few odds and ends.

I’ve also taken the time to upgrade and fix some things with my website. In particular, my map. I attempted to integrate a map when I first launched the site, but it really didn’t work that well. Integrating Google maps into my site was really a kludge. The few Wordpress plugins that existed weren’t very good and I eventually gave up on maintaining it.

Since then, Google has enabled embedded maps and also allowed for Google Earth files to be displayed in Google Maps. This is the result:

View Larger Map

Red lines are where I’ve been. Green lines are where I’m going. You can click on pins to see photos and links.

It isn’t perfect. You might need to move the map a bit to see some of the paths and pins. I’ve been keeping a KMZ file for Google Earth and I need to go back and make some changes to have photos fit inside of Google Maps. However, I can just keep updating the same Google Earth file now to keep the map updated (in theory). I have a permanent link to the map now in the menu on the left.

If you haven’t seen the map in Google Earth before, this should give you a sense of scale of where I’ve been so far on the trip.

4 thoughts on “Cartographic Madness”

  1. coincidentally I found a verson of this on travel buddy where you can tag the countries you have visited – unfortunately the small countries like NZ and Fiji aren’t nearly impressive as US an Greenland!

  2. It’d be interesting to compare the percentage of the globe you’ve covered (about 1/8 – 1/6th?) to the percentage of the landmass those countries are (maybe 2%?) – and almost all of that would be the Phillipines.

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