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Back to Fiji II

I’m writing in Suva, Fiji. I got in at 6:30am and a day added with my 5th crossing of the dateline on my trip. I spent the morning driving to Suva and am writing at what is, by far, the nicest internet cafe I’ve encountered on my trip. Tomorrow moring I’ll get to the Kiribati […]

Bye Bye Samoa

Tomorrow moring I leave Samoa for Fiji. That should begin several intensive weeks of travel. I will cross the date line for the 5th time from the 14th to the 15th of July. I will then rent a car and drive to Suva, Fiji where I will try to get my visa for Kiribait on […]

Easter Island In The News

I noticed this bit in my RSS feed today: Easter Island Fights Prosperity. Having been there just two months ago, and because its never in the news, I thought I’d chime in on the subject. Go read the article first… For a place so dependent on tourism, Easter Island does a very poor job of […]

Samoa Fatigue

So I went to the Chinese embassy today and spoke to an official about my trip. She explained that I’d probably only get a visa good for three months and two entries at most. Because I don’t know the exact date of when I’ll be entring China, I will just get the visa when I’m […]

Every Time I Try To Get Away, They Keep Pulling Me Back In

It is as if I can’t escape Samoa. I’m now stuck here till Saturday because of flights to Fiji. I will have spent more time in Samoa than New Zealand. That doesn’t seem right. Travling in the Pacific is really slow. I’m going to need to pick up the pace and maybe cut down the […]

Back to Samoa III

I’m back in Samoa for the third and last time. I got to fly first class from Tonga to Samoa for a whopping one hour. Next few days will be logistical work. Today I get my visa at the Chinese Embassy (small countries are a great place to get visas. The embasies have nothing else […]

Time Zones….or, how I’m not really sure if I’ve lost or gained a day

Tonight I’m going back to Samoa to pick up my Chinese visa. It will be my fourth trip across the date line in a month. I’ll have to make a 5th trip across in a few days going back to Fiji. I might have to make a 6th and a 7th crossing, but I’ll know […]

July Wallpaper

I’ve taken the initiative and created some desktop wallpapers based on photos I’ve taken on the trip. Here is the wallpaper for July 2007. Click on the link. Let the image load completely. Right click and select “Save as Wallpaper”. I also have the August 2007 one ready to go on Flickr if you’re really […]

Even MORE Wonders

I should have seen this coming…. The New Seven Wonders organization, now that they are done with the this round, have announced a competition for the New Seven Natural Wonders. On 8/8/08, a panel of “experts” will release a list of 21 things everyone will vote on. I can already tell you what a bunch […]

Welcome To Your NEW Seven Wonders of the World

As I wrote in Easter Island, there is an organization which has been taking votes for what should be considered the new seven wonders of the world. Today they released the results of their voting. Before I get to that however, let me take a few steps back… Why are the number “seven” and “world […]

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