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No Phone, No Lights, No Motorcars; Not A Single Luxury…

I can’t believe I’m writing this, but I have internet on the island of Tavewa on the northern tip of the Yasawa Islands in Fiji.

This place is probably as close to the idealized south pacific life as you can get. I am staying in a Fijian bure. It’s bascially a thatched roof hut about 20 feet from the ocean at high tide. I have a hammock right outside my door. I have never seen stars so bright as I have here. There are very few lights, and there is no electricity where I’m staying between 6pm and 5:30am. (I had to go across the island to find this internet terminal).

The boat ride here was about five hours. The boat stops at most of the islands on the chain and small water taxis come out to pick people up and drop people off. I’ll be staying here one more night then working my way down the chain back to Nadi on Saturday.

I might try and upload some low res photos quickly just so I can give you a feeling for how awesome this place is. i don’t think words do it justice.

The family that runs the lodge I’m staying at also provides all your meals. For breakfast we were all served bacon, three donuts, and paypaya.

I have no idea where I’ll be staying on Wednesday, but the whole island chain is pretty amazing.

(Oh, by the way. From the previous Fiji post. Bula = hello)

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  1. Just found your blog by accident, but I”m glad I did. Thanks for making me feel better and I hope your trip got better.

  2. Luxury Blog says:

    What to say, i thing it is a nice experience but i am not going to do this.

  3. Mike says:

    Well done! My wife and I did the same thing last year, and took the kids with.

  4. Hogan says:

    So jealous, so so so jealous

  5. Crystal says:

    Even though I’m reading about this via the internet, in a house with electricity 24/7, I WANT TO GO THERE! *laughs* It sounds so idyllic.

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