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Gary is currently in Grand Chute, WI (May 22nd, 2015)

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Vegas Part Deux

Just a quick update. Took tons of photo/video yesterday, but haven’t been able to move it to my laptop. Saw a great Blue Man Group show at the Venetian and had a probably one of the best seafood meals of my life too. Today I’ll be seeing Penn & Teller and having dinner at Picasso […]

Viva Las Vegas!!!!

I’m writing this from the lounge at the Luxor in Las Vegas. This is my 4th time to Vegas in the last seven years. If you haven’t been to Vegas, you owe it to yourself to go. Its like Disney World for adults. You don’t have to gamble to enjoy Las Vegas. I have yet […]

Last Piece of the Puzzle

I finally got my video camera. Based on the minimal playing with it I’ve done so far, its a pretty nice camera. I’ll be able to shoot in 1080i high definition. The camera is very compact (smaller than my DSLR by quite a bit) as are the tapes and batteries. There filters and other lenses […]

Gear, stuf, and junk

The above is a photo of most of my gear laid out. I’m missing a pair of shoes and the camera (duh). I have a buy a few more things, but I’m pretty much done. Make sure to click on the photo to get a more detailed list of gear. Yes, it does all fit […]


A few things about the website: I’ve updated the WordPress theme I’ve been using. You can select as a background for the site from the small squares up on top. All of the backgrounds are from photos I’ve taken. The map is now functioning. I also have a GPS now, so I’ll be putting lat/long […]

I’m in Good Hands

I got my insurance taken care of. I purchased a health/evacuation policy with World Nomads and a policy to cover my gear with Safeware. The cost really wasn’t too bad for either policy. I got the receipts for my laptop and camera scanned so I can access them on the road if needed should I […]

Boy, Are My Arms Tired

I got FIVE shots today. Yellow Fever Tetanus Typhoid Fever Hepatitis A & B Meningococcal Meningitis I passed on rabies and polio, so there is a chance I will spend the rest of my life in an iron lung or foam at the mouth. Oh well. Everyone at the travel clinic was sort of aghast […]

Against Yellow Fever I Shall Be INVINCIBLE

I drove down to REI in Milwaukee and got most of the clothes I need. 3 Pair of ExOfficio Boxer Briefs 2 Quick drying t-shirts A combo duffle bag/backpack Quick drying bath towel 2 quick drying (notice a trend here) shirts, buttoned Lightweight rain coat Lightweight, insect repellent hat Socks Dry sack for my laptop […]

Sunday Morning Coming Down

Today I’m off to Madison to go shopping at REI. The local sporting goods stores really specialize in stuff like hunting and fishing, not backpacking and travel. I’ve found all the stuff I’m looking for at REI in the Twin Cities and now the closest store is in Madison….so off to Madison I go. My […]

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