Boy, Are My Arms Tired

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I got FIVE shots today.

  • Yellow Fever
  • Tetanus
  • Typhoid Fever
  • Hepatitis A & B
  • Meningococcal Meningitis

I passed on rabies and polio, so there is a chance I will spend the rest of my life in an iron lung or foam at the mouth. Oh well.

Everyone at the travel clinic was sort of aghast at my travel plans. On the form I had to fill out, under “itinerary” I put “everywhere”. Most people come in because they have a very specific trip they have to take. The lady to took my payment thought was I was doing was “highly risky”. She was also probably in her mid 60s.

Most of the information they gave me was straight off of the CDC website. In fact, they gave me a bunch of printouts.

I have to schedule two more shots for hepatitis. One no sooner than 30 days and another no sooner than six months. I’ll try to get the second one in Honolulu and the other in Australia or something.

Strangely enough, the shots didn’t really hurt. I think I have a high threshold for pain and a low one for discomfort.

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  1. This same thing happened to me. It sorta throws a monkey wrench into their usual process because, at the travel clinic I went to, they print out a little custom booklet with your name and the country you’re visiting for you to take home. She couldn’t print out one for “everywhere” so she just picked “India” because she thought it would probably include every possible hazard.

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