25 thoughts on “Will 2012 Be The Year You……?”

  1. Hi in that respect there, only just have become alert to your blog with Google and bing, and additionally came across which usually it’s truly revealing. I am going to challenge brussels. I’ll be grateful once you maintain this approach in future. Lots of most people would be benefited within your making. Regards!

  2. it will(already is) the year I finally decide to do all of those things you mentioned on the headlines in the pictures. They’re all very inspiring and make me really start exploring the world.

    This year I already made the decision of traveling way more. I hope to do half of the stuff you do someday. This blog is one of the few that have really inspired me to become a travelling nomad. great stuff!

  3. Great collection. Love it! Too true – the world isn’t going to discover itself – time to explore! Glad I found your site!

  4. What a great website! Why did it take me so long to discover it? Both personally as a traveler (who “used to travel a lot” before I became a hotel owner) and professionally (as said hotel owner). Hopefully 2012 will be the year I travel to one of your highlights, and you travel to mine!

  5. Beautiful pics & great message. Can we post/link them on our site? We’re a creative lab, about to publish a new book on travel & tourism…

  6. Great inspirational photos. Your blog/site was one of the first we read two years ago when my partner and I had a vague inkling about travelling for more than the three weeks holiday each year. We are now a month into our trip and enjoying every minute of it. Thanks for helping us get here,

  7. Great inspirational photos, your blog/site was one of the first I came across two years ago when myself and my partner had a vague inkling we would like to travel for more than the three week holiday. Two years on we are a month into the two year trip and loving every precious moment. Thanks for helping us get here.

  8. Where did you take the second to last photo? We just moved to las vegas, so I’m anxious to do some road trips, particularly along highway 50, the “loneliest road in America.”

  9. What? I thought getting a year older yesterday was change enough! LOL. I’m hoping that we get this place sold, move into a smaller place, and THEN rent an RV to explore the few U.S. states I haven’t seen yet – the Carolinas, Tennessee, and Akansas. We can’t drive to Hawaii.

  10. Very inspirational Gary! I’m sure everyone that reads your blog is hoping to travel more this year! I’m planning on not wasting any opportunity….Happy Traveling in 2012!

  11. Yes, 2012 will be that year! You presented some fantastic photos Gary.
    With every passing year, we have perhaps wasted another opportunity to find the best in ourselves and travel.

    Luckily, this is a New Year and we CAN make stuff happen.

  12. Happy New Year Gary! 2012 is the year we head back out on the road – right after TBEX ’12. Maybe we will see you out there exploring somewhere!

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