Well, This Sucks

It is now February 29 and my bank card is valid until the end of the day. My parents sent my new card to me about two weeks ago and it still hasn’t arrived. If it doesn’t show up in the afternoon mail in a few hours, I am going to be really in a pickle.

I went and extended the stay in my room until Wednesday. I did this because my card is still good so I figure it is safer to reserve more than I need so I can cancel if my card arrives. If it doesn’t arrive, I’m good until then. I’m also going to take out as much cash as I can today.

If it doesn’t arrive, I’m going to have to contact the bank and see if they can send me a new card via FedEx or something. My ability to use PayPal will also go away.

This is really the one scenario I’ve really tried to avoid my entire trip. You can usually deal with most things so long as you have access to your money.

The thing is, if I have my bank send a new card, I know, in the bottom of my heart, that the card sent by my parents will show up tomorrow. That is just the way these things work.

I should rename this site to the “Sitting in a Room in Melbourne Travel Blog”. It would be a more accurate representation of my recent travels.