UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Bahrain

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There are two UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Bahrain. Both sites are cultural.

  • Qal’at al-Bahrain (2005)
  • Bahrain Pearling Trail (2012)

Qal’at al-Bahrain (2005)

unesco world heritage sites in bahrain

This archaeological site (also known as Bahrain Fort) was designated as one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Bahrain in 2005 for its cultural value. Since 1954, various archaeological excavations were conducted at the site and scientists have unearthed various antiquities throughout the years. archaeologists believe these artificial mounds were created by the former occupants at the site, which included the Persians, Portuguese, and Kassites from as early as 2300 BC.

Bahrain Pearling Trail (2012)

This is another cultural site in Bahrain recognized by UNESCO for its cultural importance to the Arab region. The Bahrain Pearling Trail is a 3.5-km trail in the Muharraq Island. This was used by pearl divers throughout most of Bahrain’s history (some archaeologists estimate it to go back to as far as 2000 BC). There are buildings, oyster beds, fortresses, and a coastline that is included in the pathway.

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