Top 10 Places I want to go back to

1) South Korea: I don’t feel like I gave the place enough of a chance because of how cold it was when I was there. I developed a taste for Korean food, too.

2) American Samoa: I was there a week, but spent most of the time in a hotel room recovering from a skin infection. I’d like to go diving there and visit some of the outer islands.

3) French Polynesia: I went there near the start of my trip. My camera skills weren’t very good and I didn’t give it a chance because of the cost. I’d like to go to some of the outer islands and get out of Tahiti.

4) Vanuatu: It rained my entire time in Vanuatu. My flight to Tanna Island was canceled and I never got to do anything outside of Port Vila.

5) Papua New Guinea: I was way too worried about safety concerns. I’d like to go back and visit the highlands region someday.

6) Northern Japan: Because of the weather, I didn’t go farther north than Nikko in Japan. I’d like to visit Hokkido.

7) Micronesia: Hotels in Chuuk were booked when I tried to go there. I also didn’t get to visit Yap. I’d also like to take a boat to visit some of the more remote islands.

8) Fiji: This is one of the places that keeps cropping up in my memory. I’d like to visit other islands, but I’d also like to just go back to the places I was before.

9) Indonesia: I never got to Florez or Komodo, nor did I explore much of Sumatra.

10) Tasmania: I could have spent much more time in Tasmania and seen a lot more than I did. This was also a function of cold weather.

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  1. At some point I’m going to do exactly as you and travel the world. That would be awesome! I should have done so in my younger days. But never too late for such a trip.

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