…tonight, I’m cleaning out my closet.

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Update: I’ve pushed my move out date from March 2 to March 12 to give me more time to move everything out. 3 weeks was sort of pushing it.

Putting your whole life into boxes is a very odd experience.

Its not the same thing as putting stuff into boxes when you move. That’s a temporary thing and the stuff will be out of the boxes very soon. I’m putting stuff into boxes that wont be opened in years. When you do that, it’s almost like your burying the stuff you box up. You think about where and when you got it, who was with you, and why you haven’t done more with it.

I also have a ton of clothes, which is odd because I really don’t wear a lot of clothes. I have an entire box of socks. I have like four boxes of sweaters…and I rarely wear sweaters. I had several pair of old boxers with hearts and other valentines shit on them from old girlfriends. I threw them out figuring 1) I’d never wear them outside of some special “occasion”, and 2) if said “occasion” should arise, I doubt if any lady friend would want we wearing boxers given to me by an old girlfriend.

I really should be throwing out/donating much more than I am, but right now I’d rather just get everything boxed up and ready to move. I can deal with that stuff later on. I’m setting aside a small cache of clothes that I’ll be wearing between now and when I leave the country.

I hope to have all my clothes packed by end end of today. That should be a pretty good head start.