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My house is a disaster.

After three months of keeping it immaculate for showings, I’m amazed at how fast things can go to hell. Granted, I’m packing so I have stuff strewn all over, but its still pretty bad.

In between putting things in boxes, I’ve been working on my website. If you’re reading this on the website instead of an RSS reader, you can see the obvious changes. I really like this new WordPress Theme. Users can pick their own background image, and eventually I can replace the stock ones with photos I take on the road. I’d like to eventually make the header for the page a Google map with markers for posts, but that will have to wait. I have a feeling over the next few months I’m going to become far more familiar with the Google Maps API than I had ever imagined.

A few other changes I’ll be making soon:

  • Lat/Long coordinates for each post will be displayed with the post as well as a location name.
  • I’m going to try and put a local time clock on the front page. This will make it easy for people to know when is a good time to call or IM.
  • I’ll be setting up a public Skype account where people can leave messages and comments. I’ll use these for Q&A videos.

I’ve also been working on pages at various social networking sites for the trip. I have a list of sites I’ve set up a presence on the right. If you have an account on any of listed networking sites, please feel free to list Everything Everywhere as a friend. (No. Serioulsy. Please!)