Tokyo Drift

I’ve been in Tokyo for two days now and haven’t done a thing. I’ve really just been processing my mound of photos. I’m still not totally done, but I’m far enough for my satisfaction. The problem of uploading that many photos at once is it is usually too many for people to look at all at once. At least I’ve been able to rest and I’m not as sore from carrying my stuff around for several days.

While I found a place in Tokyo, I’m back having to find a place for the weekend. It is near impossible to find a bed in a hostel during the weekend in major Japanese cities. You have to reserve well ahead of time, which quite frankly, isn’t my strong point.

My rail pass runs out on Sunday, so I don’t think I’m going to get too much farther north than Tokyo. I did want to go to Hokkaido, but it is starting to get cold and my desire to see Hokkaido is overwhelmed by my desire to avoid the cold. Korea will still probably be cold (I remember seeing snow in episodes of MASH) and I don’t want to spend much more time than I need to in winter.

My goal for the next 24 hours is sushi. I’m going to seek out one of the best sushi restaurants in Japan for a meal, eat fugu, and visit the fish market tomorrow morning.

Other than that, I’ll be doing the typical Tokoy tourist stuff: Imperal Palace, Ginza, Rappongi, and I might take a day trip to Nikko.

I’ve been asked what I’m going to do for Thanksgiving. I’m thinking turkey sushi….

4 thoughts on “Tokyo Drift”

  1. Not to dissaude you from Korea, but the famous Battle of Chosin Resvoir during the Korean war was fought at the end of November and beginning of December and is remembered as “Frozen Chosin” due to the sub zero temperatures. There were thousands of soldiers with frostbite. I think Korea’s climate may be like where you are from.

  2. You can eat really well in Tokyo. A famous foodie guide gives its restaurants more stars than any other city in the world;
    “In its first Asian guide, announced on Monday, Michelin has awarded more of its famed stars to Tokyo restaurants than any other city, with a total of 191 stars compared with 64 for Paris and 42 in New York . . . Tokyo has more restaurants – at least 160,000 that could be classified as proper “restaurants” – than almost any other urban centre. Paris, by comparison, has little more than 20,000 and New York about 23,000″.

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