The Vomiting

Yesterday I went out on the dive boat to do four dives. I only ended up doing three dives. After the second dive, we pretty much stayed in one spot, between two big limestone rocks. When the boat is moving, it is pretty stable. When you stay in one spot, it rock back and forth, and side to side. The weather was windy and rainy, so the waves were pretty good sized. I didn’t get the impression they were using an anchor either. (which makes perfect sense. You don’t want to use an anchor if can avoid it, because the act of dropping anchor can destroy the reef. In an area with tons of dive operations like Phuket, that is really important)

As I have discovered previously on my trip, I’m pretty susceptible to sea sickness. Prior to my third dive, I ended up heaving three times off the side of the boat. (and just before there we did some rescue exercise which probably made me put off vomiting by a few minutes). I decided to go ahead with the dive, which turned out to be a good idea. Once you get below the water, all the waves and motion disappear. In fact, in terms of air management, it was the best dive I ever had. I finished the dive with over half a tank, which I’ve never done before.

Once I got back on board, I proceeded to spew three more times, this time painting the other side of the boat. I figured I had nothing left to give, but just like there is always most toothpaste in the tube, there is always more food in your stomach.

I ended up skipping the night dive, which sort of sucks because I have never done a night dive before and was sort of looking forward to it. My plan was to finish the course today, but I’m going to take today off and do it on Tuesday, taking some motion sickness pills before I get on board. (I’m getting ill even writing this).

In fact, I’m so turned off at the idea of going on a boat again, I think I’m going to go right to Bangkok and skip some of the islands nearby once my course is over.