Spain Update: Madrid Edition

Goya painting in the Chapel of St. Anthony (taken with iPhone)
Goya painting in the Chapel of St. Anthony (taken with iPhone)
I’m still being kept busier than a one legged man in an ass kicking contest here in Spain. Since my last update:

  • I spent three nights in the “blogger suite” in a hotel in Benidorm overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Fantastic view. Benidorm is a city I had never heard of before arriving in Spain, but it is a huge destination for tourists from the UK.
  • Went to visit some ancient rock art in the city of Alcoi, but was washed out due to rain
  • Visited my 112th World Heritage Site, the Palmeral of Elche. It is a forest of plam trees inside the city which was originally created by the Arabs.
  • Stayed a night in Alicante and explored the city including the old castle overlooking the sea.
  • Spent a very hectic 2 days in Madrid. (I’ll be coming back later. I know there is no way you can experience Madrid in two days.)
  • Visited the Prado and Reina Sophia, two of the greatest museums in the world
  • Ate lunch at the oldest restaurant in the world, the Casa Botin in Madrid, which has been operating continuously since 1725. It was the favorite restaurant of Earnest Hemingway and was where the ending of “The Sun Also Rises” takes place.
  • Got to have said lunch in Hemingway’s favorite table in the restaurant, drinking his favorite wine (Rioja Altas) as well as the restaurant’s speciality, suckling pig.

I’m currently in the north of Spain in Bilbao, the largest city in Basque Country. I’ll be here until the 10th when I fly to Barcelona. Most days packed full activities. I have a very long list of articles I’ll be writing once things slow down and I have a chance to edit some photos (of which I have a lot).

…oh, and for everyone who suggested I visit San Sebastin, I’ll be going there in the next few days!

9 thoughts on “Spain Update: Madrid Edition”

  1. It’s a nice time to visit the south of Spain.
    Córdoba, Granada, Seville, even Cádiz, It’s extremely hot and crowded on summer.

    Also you can’t miss Santiago de Compostela, in Galicia (north-west), holy year, all your sins forgiven just for walking 100km, and entering the Santiago’s Cathedral, think about it ;)

    And it’s a shame not to stop in Valencia to visit the museum of the arts and the sciences, and the oceanographic, or even just the city worth the visit.

    Believe me, because all of you can visit, but I have to remain here (sorry for my poor english, I can understand it better than writing it)

  2. Hello Gary! I truely love your blog. Obviosuly you know a thing about travelling. Madrid is amazing. Check how Madrid is described on Tripner (service that analyses what people are writing about places on Twitter) – Madrid seems to be focused on food and nightlife. I must say – I agree with it. How about you?

  3. I think the best medieval place in Spain is a litle village in the north west corner, it is Ribadavia, in Galicia. Have a look at its website If you would like to know about wine history in Spain, Ribadavia is the clue. Don’t miss it.
    Antony Amil

  4. Great and long journey. This photo is great, I had heard about this few months ago when one of friend visited this. This great that such a old and famous restaurant is there.

  5. We stayed in Benidorm a few years back and loved it. We have a friend who lived there and loved it, too. The locals were confused why Americans would be visiting there, so apparently it’s still a well hidden secret from Americans.

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