Slaying the Dragon

I’m having a hard time finding a reasonable tour to Komodo National Park. Everything out of Bali requires at least two people and if you go alone you have to pay an arm and a leg. I’m seriously considering just flying to Flores and doing some sort of tour from there. It should be much cheaper if I take care of the flight myself and use a local tour group near Komodo than trying to do it out of Bali.

The more I research going to Komodo, the more interesting stuff I discover to do in the rest of Indonesia.

Tomorrow I’m off to explore the rest of Bali. I have a guide who will be driving me around the island for the day and the price is very reasonable. I can see why the culture of Bali is so interesting to people. It is very different than what I saw in Java. I’ll have a lot to say about it once I’ve left Bali.

The area where I’m staying in Bali is very touristy. There is a Hard Rock Cafe here which I think sums the area up nicely.

I just had dinner with Dave from We were both in Bali at the same time. He just came from Australia and I’m on my way there after Bali. It was nice to be able to talk to someone who is both American and doing a similar long term trip (and blogging).

Also, I will probably only be in Indonesia for another 5 days or so. If you want a post card, please remember to send me an email (gary (at) Right now, if you email me, your odds of getting a postcard are looking very good.