Safe in Baguio

I’m finally out of Manila and in Baguio, which is higher, wetter, cleaner and safer than Manila. The ride up was interesting and the landscape near Baguio is very beautiful. I now need to figure out how to get to the rice terraces and Vigan.

I should have a longer post on Manila up shortly.

Please post or send me an email if you got your postcard.

8 thoughts on “Safe in Baguio”

  1. Wait until you hear about Manila. There were so many creepy white guys near my hotel in Makati I wanted to shower every few minutes.

  2. Yo G- got my postcard here in sunny LA and have it posted on my mirror by the front door as a reminder to keep making travel plans until the day I drop! Thanks so much.

  3. I got my postcard last night, Gary. Thanks. So no “sex tourism” for you this year? I actually knew I guy I worked with who did that and was actually proud of his adventures. Scumbag.

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