Riding the World’s Highest Zipline in Puerto Rico

The idea of ziplining high over the landscape has always appealed, but even though I’ve traveled for years now to dozens and dozens of countries, ziplining in Puerto Rico was an entirely new experience for me.

When the Puerto Rico Tourism Corporation invited me to the Toro Verde Nature Adventure Park, I couldn’t say no. The park boasts eight+ zip lines totalling a staggering 2.5-km of soaring potential, monkey bridges, and even opportunities to do some rappelling.

I had never done any of those things before, so it was a new experience for me that I was eager to try!

Going down one of the smaller ziplines
Going down one of the smaller ziplines at Toro Verde Adventure Park.

Why Plan a Trip to Puerto Rico’s Famous Ziplines?

Not only is there the fun factor—which can’t be overstated—but Puerto Rico has a rich, biodiverse landscape and many gorgeous national parks. The ziplines at Toro Verde Nature Adventure Park offer unparalleled views of the mountains of Orocovis and the surrounding acres of forested land.

It’s also a pretty easy day trip from San Juan. The Toro Verde Adventure Park is about an hour and a half from San Juan, and it’s probably easiest to rent a car to drive yourself there as hiring a taxi (and then having them wait) would drive up your costs significantly, and renting a car is pretty easy.

Review: Riding the The Beast & Monster Ziplines at Toro Verde

Getting ready to ride La Bestia
A friend getting ready to ride La Bestia, flying face first over the jungles of Puerto Rico on this impressive zipline.

The highlight of any trip to this adventure park are the two massive zip lines that allow you to reach unprecedented speeds as you careen through the jungle.

The Beast is a 4,745 ft (1.45 km) long single-run zip line located about 900 feet above the forest floor at its highest point. Given the length and how the zipline is configured, you can expect to reach up to 60 mph (100 kmph). The video I took was with my iPhone and I was holding it vertically, so you might want to expand the video to full screen to see it properly.

The Monster is a newer addition to the Toro Verde zipline family, and it’s an adrenaline rush you’ll likely never forget. It’s easily one of the world’s longest ziplines at 2.5 km (1.57 mi), and if you meet the minimum weight requirement of 100 pounds you can expect to careen across the landscape at 95 mph and flying more than 380m above the forest floor. You ride this one superman style, with a protective helmet and goggles.

The regular zipline course consists of eight ziplines of varying height and length and they are a fun option for families with children too small for the mega ziplines, or for those who like a more moderate dose of adventure.

View of The Beast's cables
A view of The Beast’s cables and the impressive flight path.
Rappelling into the forest
Rappelling 100′ into the forest
A monkey bridge crossing the valley
A monkey bridge crossing the valley

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