Onward to Hanoi

It has rained almost non-stop since I’ve been in Hue. Yesterday the rained stopped and I finally got the chance to go visit the Citadel and former grounds of the royal palace. It was sort of anti-climatic given how long I had to wait to go see it. The royal palace isn’t an ancient structure. It was built about 200 years ago and it shows in the construction. Most of the grounds is in a pretty serious state of disrepair and major renovation is currently being done.

Hue is a really nice city. The food is good and I’ve found it very conducive to walking (even when it was raining). At over a million people, it is a big city you never really hear much about.

I have another overnight bus trip ahead of me today. I’m only going to spend two days in Hanoi before going to Ha Long bay I think. Then I’m off to a quick trip through Laos and back into Northern Thailand. Hopefully the airport issue in Bangkok will be resolved before I get there.

According to reports, it hasn’t been raining up in Hanoi, so I hope the wet weather I’ve had for the last two weeks in central Vietnam will be gone. I’d really like to have good weather for when I’m in Ha Long Bay, as it should be one of the best opportunities for photography I’ve had on my trip.

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  1. Instead of going to Bangkok which is stil unsafe, I suggest you take the train from Hanoi to Sapa. Trust me, I bet you'll love it. Ha Long Bay is nice too and I have been to these places last year. Next week, I will be visiting Shanghai !!

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