Off to Tas!

I’m off to Tasmania today for four days. I’ll be pretty busy while I”m there so I can’t promise many updates. I’m going to cram in as much as I can while I’m there. Once I get back I’ll try to fly to Lord Howe Island for a few days, then head up to Brisbane. I think I’m going to try to drive up to Brisbane with someone else to save some money and break the monotony.

I’m expecting to have another photo glut after Tasmania and Lord Howe’s. I’m really looking forward to Lord Howe Island. Charles Veley, the world’s most traveled man, says it is one of his favorite places on Earth, so it must be good….

I am really sick. I have a head cold that has me sneezing non stop. Snot is flowing out of my nose like water. My sinuses are so active they almost hurt. I’ve tried taking antihistamines, but they don’t seem to do anything. I am carrying around a role of toilet paper I stole and I’m going through it fast.

I got some more props for the website. Travel Connect has named me as one of the top 10 travel blogs on the internet. So, I got that going for me…. Ladies of Hobart, watch out, a top 10 travel blogger is heading your way!

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