Not So Gay Paris

Since I’ve arrived in Paris, I haven’t been having the best of times. The weather here has been cold and raining. Temperatures have been hovering around 10-15°C (50 to 60°F). On top of the weather I did something stupid on Sunday and ate a slice of pizza which was stupid as it kicked off the wheat induced stomach pains I’ve managed to avoid for so long. On top of that, my hotel has a very poor record keeping system and last night at 10pm I got a knock on my door and the front desk asked why I was in my room as they had scheduled someone else there.

I’ve been focusing on indoor activities since I’ve arrived in Paris which has included a visit to the Louvre, the Museum d’Orsay, and the tomb of Napoleon. The weather reports are predicting more rain on Thursday and Friday so I’m going to try and visit the Eiffel Tower and other outdoor attractions today.

I’ve also suffered a problem with my camera. The ring which houses the lens cap on one of my lenses has come off. It still works fine by it is a real pain to not have a lens cap and makes putting the camera away awkward. Slowly, everything I have with me seems to be falling apart. All of my pants are falling apart at the seams

*NOTE* Since I wrote the above, the hotel notified me that they only had me booked for 2 nights and I have to find another hotel.

I’m hoping the rain lets up. I’m finishing this post at an internt cafe near Notre Dame. It has been raining on and off all day. I was planning on going to Versallies but now I’m going to wait and see how the weather pans out.

If anyone in Paris would like to meet up for drinks or dinner, please contact me via email or Twitter. I should be here at least through Sunday when I think I’ll be going to Luxembourg.

11 thoughts on “Not So Gay Paris”

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  2. I guess it is safe to say, that you “don’t love Paris in the Springtime:-)” I hope it gets better for you. I have been there in the drizzle myself. Not a lot of fun.

  3. That’s rough, luckily there is plenty to see indoors in Paris. Hope the weather improves for you!

  4. Reminds me of when I was in Paris last December – rain, cold, and it even snowed for a short time making the steep streets we were walking around dangerously slick! I wanted to see Jim Morrison’s grave but the cemetery was closed due to icing!! The Eiffel Tower too for that matter.

    But dip into a cafe, dine well, drink some Bordeaux, gobble pastries, and enjoy!

  5. Yike.. Hope things will turn around for you. Sometimes the mother nature doesn’t agree with our own travel plan.

  6. Oh Gary! I hope things turn for the better, weather-wise. When we were in Paris April 30-May 5, we were expecting spring rain all the time, but we ended up having perfect weather for 6 days! No rain, sunny, 15-21 degrees C!! What an odd thing, this weather!!
    Thought you might get a kick out some of my recent Paris posts!

  7. I suggest another indoor sightseeing : the Grands Magasins near the Opéra and Haussmann (Galeries Lafayette, Printemps Haussmann). Very parisien. ;)

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