Moving on up to a delux apartment in the sky

When I started my trip I had originally planed on staying at a decent hotel once every one or two weeks. Nothing super fancy, but just nice.

So far, I really haevn’t done that at all. My luxuries have been in the form of single rooms at the hostel.

Well, I decided to go for broke here in Noumea. I’m staying at the Meridien. Three days of luxury before living with mosquitoes in off beat islands.

Before you go to a place, you only can read about it in guidebooks or on the web. It isn’t a substitute for being there. I really had no idea what to expect in New Caledonia. The only thing I ever recall reading about it was riots they had years ago against the French (and that will be part of a very long post I’m going to make soon).

Let me just say New Caledonia is really much more than I expected. The island is beautiful and I can see why Noumea is called “Paris on the Pacific”. This could easily be in the south of France.

It isn’t just a nice city “for the Pacific”, it’s just a plain nice city.

I can see why the French are so reluctant to give it up.

I’m off to take photos of Noumea. Being eight hours behind (16 hours ahead) of everyone you know is really becoming difficult.

Oh, on the advice of one the readers of this site, I’m going to postpone going to Papua New Guinea until I’m in Indonesia or Australia. The flights to PNG from the Solomons are too much of a pain in the ass, where as from Australia they are reliable and frequent.

5 thoughts on “Moving on up to a delux apartment in the sky”

  1. Hi, Gary.

    I heard you early this morning on WI Public Radio, and have been enjoying your site since. It is my lifelong dream to travel –particularly in England and Europe– although the only time I’ve been out of the US was for a weekend in Ottawa, CA! I’d travel light, like you, and stay in hostels. I’d also love to spend several weeks (or months) in one location to absorb the culture and take road trips from a base at my leisure…..any advice on how to do that?

    Also, would you recommend any particular travel books or sites to research before heading out?

    Until then, I’ll be traveling vicariously via your blogs…..

    Robin in Milwaukee

  2. Your adventures are very awesome to read. It’s not so much fear that is preventing me from travel but rather, money issues, college & family. Perhaps in the future!

  3. I’m going to write a post on it later, but I’ve decided it is definitely not worth it.

    All I really want for these occasional “luxury” stays are hot water, a bathtub, and maybe a TV.

    I could have gotten the same thing had I stayed at a much cheaper hotel.

    Oh, you also don’t meet anyone if you stay someplace really swank.

  4. Enjoy your few days of luxery and take a hot bath before the baths are no more. I love reading your adventures. I wish I had the nerve to pick up and see the world. Thanks for allowing me to live through you.

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