Mission Accomplished: Arctic Circle!

Gary at the Arctic Circle

I just wanted to post a quick update while I had the time and internet bandwidth here in Whitehorse.

Two days ago I made the trip up the Dempster Highway to the Arctic Circle in the Yukon! It was a long trip that I’ll be writing about in more detail once I get some time to settle down and edit my photos, but this was something I wanted to mention right away.

I’m off to take aerial photos of glaciers in Kluane National Park today.

….and yes, I am wearing sandals at the Arctic Circle!

19 thoughts on “Mission Accomplished: Arctic Circle!”

  1. Christian, what kind of country do you think Canada is? We not only have good internet, but also paved roads and stuff. You should see it now.

  2. i am speechless! simply amazing! wondering when can i reach this part of the globe!

    visiting here again!

  3. NO WAY! First of all… no way you made it to the Arctic circle! Awesome! and Second of all… No way are you wearing sandals there. you are insane!

  4. Good job of going to the Arctic Circle. I have been to the arctic circle once, its an island called Grimsey here in Iceland. Looking at the landscape in the background, it is very similar to Iceland.

  5. Sandals in the arctic circle is just classic in my opinion. Love the photos cant wait till you get everything organized and put up.

  6. Funny to see that … I did exactly the same drive in 1995, several hours of “not very good” road just to stand next to a sign saying Arctic Circle. The trip finished 18 months later in Tierra del Fuego. Starting in the Arctic was symbolic and worth the long drive.. then back to Whitehorse for Taco Bell as I recall!

  7. Great photos. I’m from Edmonton, but there’s a lot of my own country I haven’t seen – like the Yukon. I’m sure the aerial photos you’ll post will inspire some people to come up north.

  8. Hey Gary, thanks for updating us. The sandals thing is cool but the mosquitoes comment you left gave me chills.. I’M NOT A FAN… Good luck..


  9. I’m glad you mentioned the sandals because if you didn’t I was definitely going to! Great accomplishment. Congrats!

    • The sandal thing isn’t that crazy. 1) It wasn’t that cold there. Temperature was in the 50s-60s. 2) Most of the land is covered in a swampy, watery marsh in the summer. Rather than get your shoes and socks wet, it is much easier to just dry off your feet and be done with it.

      The big downside are the mosquitoes.

  10. Hey Gary,
    Nice to meet you (albeit briefly:) @ TBEX. I enjoyed your talk…Safe travels…

  11. I think the sandels were the very first thing I noticed. Awesome work! I hear the internet connections over in Canada can be awful. And cell service too. One of my good friends lives in Alaska while his friend was in Canada. They didn’t realize it – but the one in Alaska was getting charged 25 cents per text. He then had a bill over $400 just for the texting! Awful stuff.

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