Impressions of Wisconsin

One of the fundamental truths I’ve learn from traveling is that everyone is proud of where they are from.

I am no exception.

I grew up in Wisconsin like circus elephants, you can take the boy out of Wisconsin, but you can’t take Wisconsin out of the boy. Even thought I haven’t lived in Wisconsin full time for almost 20 years, I still have an immense amount of pride in where I am from.

I spent the last week in August driving around my state, visiting many popular attractions and destinations. It was a trip which let me get back to my roots and see places that I haven’t seen in a long time.

Here are some of the first impressions from my trip as seen from my iPhone.

16 thoughts on “Impressions of Wisconsin”

  1. Absolutely wonderful photos. I thought the top photo with the canoes looked like it could have been taken in Finland. Seems like Finland and Wisconsin have a lot in common!

  2. Well I certainly think I would consider visiting Wisconsin next time I am in the USA, it looks like an ideal state for a peaceful lake break!

  3. Hey Gary, great to see you made it back from your trip to the Carribean. It is finally nice to see you give some love to your home state of Wisconsin. Are you able to catch any Packer games while on the road this fall?

  4. 1. I really liked these pics.
    2. I would like to live in Milwaukee, have been saying that for years.
    3. I can’t wait to upgrade my iPhone in a few weeks.

  5. I grew up in Appleton and after living in other large cities, returned here to raise my family. I can attest there is no place like home, especially when home is Wisconsin!

  6. Wow beautiful pics! Didn’t know Wisconsin was this nice. Now I’m totally ashamed I didn’t even mention it in my blog about my dream USA road trip…. :$

  7. Thanks for the memories of WI. I haven’t lived in WI in almost ten years and everything you said is completely true. Every time I see sumac, or a lake that isn’t a total joke it always makes me reminisce.
    The bar shot made me laugh, because they were ubiquitous growing up and I always took them for granted, but in all my travels I have discovered that there is truly nothing like a WI tavern.
    From my discussions with other people I’ve discovered that the pride of place seems to be significantly stronger with Wisconsinites (at least when it comes to Americans), yet Wisconsinites seem to be everywhere.

  8. I tried to get a dramatic shot of Vince while I was at Lambeau, but the light was all washed out from the gray January sky. I love that picture and the one from the end zone. I’m guessing that was taken during the tour- right before you scream GO PACK GO!

  9. Your photography is wonderful. And the fact that you got these shots with an iPhone makes it even more impressive. Thanks for sharing your view of Wisconsin with us.

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