How to Get a Travel Visa – Best Electronic Visa Services

The times have changed from when you could randomly buy a one-way ticket and go to any country you would want without any questions. However, to visit most countries now for any purpose such as tourism, work, leisure, or any business activity, you will most-likely need a visa.

It is essentially a travel document issued to the traveler by the foreign country that he or she plans to visit and is usually stamped in the passport or given in a paper form.

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of arranging a visa is trouble-some and time-consuming visits to the Embassy. However, with the all-pervasive digitalization, this process can now be simplified.

Many countries choose the ease traveler’s life by implementing the electronic visa system that serves the same purpose as a standard visa, but is much easier to handle.

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Do I need a visa?

Before traveling to any desired country, one should check all the travel information about that country beforehand and make sure if you need a visa to get permission into that country or not.

You can get all the information about your visa by contacting your local embassy or by doing some online research regarding it. Make sure to take on this step at least 2 weeks before the planned trip since some destinations take longer time to process the necessary entry permits.

Travel Documents

Once determined if you need an official visa to enter the country, you should start searching for all the documents you would need to apply for it.

Many travel restrictions either require your passport to stay valid for up to several months, need a special form to be fulfilled, or need a specific document to be stamped from your originating country before travel.

So do all your research in advance about all the documents you would need by visiting your local embassy or by searching on their official website. Hence, there is no inconvenience caused, and you can travel without any issues. 

Traditional visas vs. e-Visas

There are two types of visas, one is traditional, and the other one is electronic.

Traditional visa

The standard entry permits are handled at an Embassy of the belonging country that you wish to vist.

It is stamped or stickered on the passport or on an official document that you need to enter. Regular visas can take even up to a few weeks to be processed and usually require attaching an excessive amount of paperwork.


e-Visa is the electronic equivalent of the traditional entry permit. In this day of digitalization, when everything is going online, you can apply for your visa over the internet and get it via e-mail!

Your passport is linked to the database instead of being stamped. Many countries have an online portal with an application form where you have to write your basic and personal information and sent it to them, and you can receive your e-Visa even within few hours.

The requirements are elementary and usually include simply a valid passport. After receiving the approved e-Visa, you can present it to the customs officials on your phone at the airport while entering the country. 

What is an e-Visa service?

An e-Visa service is an agency that helps travelers with the process of getting their entry permit online. It enables you to ease up the process, which can get quite hectic.

Online visa experts can help you on very short notice and get the approved document delivered to you in a couple of days or even hours! The agents have the latest information about visas and numerous destinations. And since they are dealing with multiple other applications, they know how to speed up the process if you are running late.

They can thoroughly check the errors in your application and advise you with what is the best solution and what category you should apply for. 

Steps of getting your visa electronically

  1. First, check if your selected destination is providing e-Visas (most countries do) and then check if your country is eligible.
  2. Next, fill the application form and add some necessary information like your name, age, date of birth, etc.
  3. You will also need to provide your current e-mail address that is in use to contact you if needed and send you the approved document through it. After submitting all the information, all you need to do is to keep an eye on your mailbox!

Everything is done electronically on your phone or any other device with an active internet connection. There is no need for the hustle of going to the embassy and wasting your time waiting in lines.

e-Visas are a lot faster and can be just printed once approved or kept on your mobile phone that must be present at the time of arrival in the desired country.

TIP! One issue that you must take care of while applying is that you have higher chances of getting the e-Visa rejected if you have a criminal history, any sort of serious health problem, or financial issues.

Final words

Next time you’ll be planning a trip, consider switching to using e-Visas to make your traveling experience effortless! Let’s not make our lives even harder. Choose your next destination and spare a few minutes to complete a quick and intuitive 3-step application process.

Safe travels!