Given that I’m doing digital photography and running a website while I’m traveling, the electronics that I carry with me are very important.

iPhone 7 Plus

iPhoneI’ve been using an iPhone for several years. I got an iPod Touch back in 2007 and it totally changed how I travel. Since then, I’ve been upgrading my iPhone about every 2 years. I most recently purchased an iPhone 7 and I am very pleased with it.

The camera is far and away the best camera I’ve used in a smartphone. It is to the point where I can take a photo with my iPhone and not be embarrassed by the quality of the image.

Beyond taking photos, there are so many things I use my iPhone for, it is hard to list them all. The uses for my iPhone include:

  • Translating foregin languages with Google Translate
  • Getting directions and my location with Google Maps
  • An alarm clock
  • An ebook reader
  • A video camera
  • A flashlight
  • Booking hotels from the road
  • A calculator
  • Currency exchange information


Mophie Juice Pack Wireless

MophieI can really go through a lot of power when I’m using my iPhone on the road. That is why I use a Mophie battery/case for my iPhone. The Mophie for the iPhone 7 Plus carries a charge of 2,420mAh, which almost doubles the life of my phone.

The other great thing about it is that it has wireless charging, so when I’m at home, I have a small stand near my computer where I can magnetically attach my phone and have it charge. No more plugging in wires.

It does add to the size and bulk of the phone, but it still fits in my pocket, and the extra battery life more than makes up for the increase in size.

13000mAh Portable USB Charger

External Battery
Having the Mophie on my phone is nice, but sometimes it isn’t enough and I have other devices which need to be charged. For those cases, I have a hefty battery which carries a big charge. To give you an idea, the iPhone 7 Plus battery has a charge capacity of 2,900mAh. This battery can charge my phone 4.5x. I usually don’t need that much juice for just my phone, so I can also use it to charge my wireless headphones, Kindle, or even my camera. Regardless which type of battery you have, I highly recommend carrying an external USB battery

Parrot Zik 3 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones

Parrot Headphones

Wireless, noise canceling headphones are a godsend when you travel. I’ve had a Bose headphones before, but I like these much better. They are very good looking, so much so that it is usually the item I am asked most about when I travel. They are good for about 6 hours on a single charge, and they can be used when they are plugged into a USB cord. The Bluetooth range is surprisingly good I’ve gotten up with them several times during a flight and walked to the back of the plane, and was able to listen to my iPhone which was at my seat.